What happened at Bloody Corner?

He made a sudden sally on the Danes and defeated them. The danes made a stand at Bloody Corner, Northam where Hubba was slain and the ‘Raven’ standard captured. He was buried on the shore near his ships.

HER Number: MDV11743
Name: Bloody Corner, Northam

Where is Bloody Corner Northam?


How did Appledore get its name?

The name Appledore may come from Saxon words meaning an apple tree. We do know that there was a Saxon settlement here at least as early as the 9th century, for a raiding party of Danes sacked the village in AD 878.

Who was Hubba the Dane?

The danes made a stand at Bloody Corner, Northam where Hubba was slain and the ‘Raven’ standard captured. He was buried on the shore near his ships. Rogers, I., 1948, The Invasion of North Devon by Hubba the Dane, 119-126 (Article in Serial). SDV12738.

HER Number: MDV11743
Name: Bloody Corner, Northam

What is Appledore famous for?

Rich maritime history

For centuries, Appledore was an important shipbuilding centre for the region and the village’s large indoor ship yard continues to be a source of employment for many of the residents. Because of its long maritime heritage, the village is now home to the North Devon Maritime Museum.

How old is Appledore?

With a history that can be traced as far back as a Viking raid in 878 by Hubba the Dane, it is the village’s seafaring past that dominates Appledore’s history. It has been a thriving maritime village since the 14th century, with a tradition of fishing, trading and boat building.

Does Appledore have a beach?

Appledore. Just imagine a vast array of vibrant fishing boats nestled on the water, lovely cottages dotted all around you, and fantastic views that are worth writing home about… that’s what you get with tiny Appledore beach.

Is Appledore worth visiting?

Appledore holds a special place in my heart as it is a place where I spent a lot of time growing up, as it is my mums., best friends, hometown. Located about 10 minutes from Bideford, Appledore sits on an estuary that overlooks the village of Instow (see below).

Is Appledore beach dog friendly?

Also the beach between Appledore and Westward Ho! is dog friendly as far as the Sandymere RNLI hut . (halfway to Ho! ) It is huge at low tide and plenty of space to run ! We have just moved here and our dog ,Lotti, loves it !

What does ho mean in Westward Ho?

call to attract attention

Pronunciation: (hō), [key] — interj. (used as a call to attract attention, sometimes specially used after a word denoting a destination): Westward ho!

Which is nicer Lynton or Lynmouth?

Lynton is a beautiful town at the top of a huge hill, linked to the even prettier Lynmouth by a funicular railway. Lynmouth is known nationally as Little Switzerland and its easy to see why with its steep hilly setting characterised by deep woodlands, river gorges and rocky walking trails.

Is instow worth visiting?

Instow. A small village on the bank of an estuary, where the rivers Torridge and Taw run into Bideford Bay, Instow is a popular holiday destination all year round for it’s beach.

Is instow a nice place to live?

Enchanting and peaceful, this tiny coastal town is a wonderful spot for a North Devon break. Its central location along the coastline allows you the opportunity to venture to the local larger towns, breathtaking beaches, or picturesque villages.

Does Instow have a beach?

Instow a great destination for a family day out. The beach front offers an extensive view an expanse of water bright in summer with the sails of catamarans and wind-surfers or if the tide is out a long stretch of golden sand.

Can you swim at Instow beach?

Instow beach is not a bathing beach and the public are advised not to go swimming.

Is Instow beach Sandy?

Instow is a pretty and sandy beach that tends to get very busy during the summer. Calm waters, protected from swell by sandbanks at the mouth of the Taw estuary, make this a good choice for families. There are also shops and cafes in the village which is directly behind the beach.

Are toilets open at Instow?

Toilets: Yes by the beach front and also in the town.

Is Westward Ho dog friendly?

Westward Ho! is another stunning vast sandy beach which is backed by a pebble ridge, and also hugely popular with surfers! Dogs are allowed on the North end of the beach between sandy mere bridge and the estuary, and at low tide the beach is enormous, which gives your dogs the opportunity for a good run.

What is Instow famous for?

Instow has a famous railway signal box, which is over 130 years old and was the UK’s first Grade II listed signal box. It used to control the signals at Instow Station and also the operation of the level crossing.

Can you walk from Appledore to Instow?

We continued along the coastal path to delightful Appledore with all its charm before catching the ferry back to Instow (again check operating times). Approx 6 miles but plenty to stop and investigate on the way. Allow plenty of time and enjoy.

What does the word Instow mean?

Instow is a village in north Devon, England. It is on the estuary where the rivers Taw and Torridge meet, between the villages of Westleigh and Yelland and on the opposite bank of Appledore. There is an electoral ward with the same name. Its total population at the 2011 census was 1,501.

Is Instow beach dog friendly?

Yes dogs are allowed ALL YEAR on ALL of Instow beach.

Can dogs go on Ilfracombe beach?

It is particularly dog-friendly, and dogs will enjoy nosing around the rocks and splashing in the water. There are also a fair number of dog-friendly cafes and pubs in nearby Ilfracombe.

Is Croyde beach dog friendly?


Croyde Beach – You can walk straight from our beach gate onto the sand dunes of Croyde Beach, dogs can go on Croyde beach itself from the 1st of October until the 30th of April and at other times they can be walked on the Dunes which sit above the beach.

How long is Woolacombe Beach?

two miles

Woolacombe Sands is over two miles (3km) long and was given to us in 1909 by Miss Rosalie Chichester of Arlington Court in memory of her parents.

Is Woolacombe Lively?

Woolacombe itself is a lively village with great pubs, restaurants and places to stay, and is a perfect base for a family holiday, surfing trip or stop-over when walking the South West Coast Path.

Is Woolacombe a sandy beach?

Award-winning Woolacombe Beach is widely recognised as one of the best beaches in the UK. Located on Devon’s north coast, between Croyde and Ilfracombe, the 3-mile sandy beach is popular with surfers and families looking for a traditional seaside experience.

Is Woolacombe worth visiting?

If you’re thinking about places to visit in Devon or are looking for things to do in Woolacombe, you’ll soon see that there’s absolutely nothing here at all. Especially if you’re a beach-lover, foodie, wildlife enthusiast, walker, surfer, explorer, or dog-owner – it’s definitely not for you!

Which is nicer Woolacombe or Ilfracombe?

Woolacombe beach is much, much nicer and there is far more to do than in Ilfracombe. The little beach at Ilfracombe is not sandy nor particularly attractive for young children to play on.

Which is better Woolacombe or Ilfracombe?

Woolacombe has a slightly larger choice, with the Red Barn getting the lion’s share of trade. No chef’s surprises, pretty average menus, but dependable as before. Ilfracombe has some stunning places to eat in the evenings, but do some research on here, there is also some dross!