Was Erich Ludendorff any form of nobility?

Erich Ludendorff came from a family of the minor nobility in Kruszewnia, located in the Prussian province of Posen. After completing his education as a cadet, he received his commission as a junior officer in 1885.

Erich Ludendorff.

General of the Infantry Erich Ludendorff
Political party NSDAP
Other political affiliations DVFP NSFB

What was Ludendorff known for?

General Erich Ludendorff (1865-1937) was a top German military commander in the latter stages of World War I. Educated in the cadet corps, Ludendorff was named chief of staff to the Eighth Army after the outbreak of war and earned renown for the victory at the Battle of Tannenberg.

What is Ludendorff in Wonder Woman?

Erich Ludendorff was a World War I general of the Imperial German Army, an ally of the nefarious Dr. Poison, and an enemy of Wonder Woman. He gained metahuman powers by inhaling a special gas developed by Dr.

Who was the hero of Tannenberg?

The Heroes of Tannenberg, Hindenburg and Ludendorff, saved East Prussia in August 1914 with a decisive victory against overwhelming odds.

Who was the German leader in Wonder Woman?

General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff

General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff, simply known as General Erich Ludendorff, is the central antagonist of the 2017 DC Extended Universe superhero film Wonder Woman. He is a quartermaster general in the Imperial German Army during World War I and the superior of Doctor Poison.

Who was the highest ranking German general in ww2?

In the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany during the Second World War, the rank of Generalfeldmarschall remained the highest military rank until July 1940, when Hermann Göring was promoted to the newly created higher rank of Reichsmarschall.

Nazi Germany.

General Field Marshal Generalfeldmarschall
Equivalent ranks Großadmiral

Was Ludendorff a dictator?

Following his appointment as First Quartermaster-general (German: Erster Generalquartiermeister) of the Imperial Army’s Great General Staff in 1916, he became the chief policymaker in a de facto military dictatorship that dominated Germany for the rest of the war.

Was Ares Ludendorff?

But in a last-minute twist, it was revealed that Ludendorff (Danny Huston) was in fact, not Ares, as Diana (Gadot) had believed. He was just a psychotic German military officer who enjoyed breathing performance-enhancing gas.

Is Doctor Poison based on a real person?

Poison in the film is frightening enough, but in this case, there’s a real-world analogue, someone who has been celebrated and castigated through the years. Our world’s own complex character using science to help and hurt – Fritz Haber, the “Father of Chemical Weapons.”

What happened to Ludendorff after the Munich putsch?

Due to his story that he was present by accident, an explanation he had also used in the Kapp Putsch, along with his war service and connections, Ludendorff was acquitted. Both Röhm and Wilhelm Frick, though found guilty, were released.

Who was the German dictator during ww1?

Wilhelm II (1859-1941), the German kaiser (emperor) and king of Prussia from 1888 to 1918, was one of the most recognizable public figures of World War I (1914-18).

Who were Hindenburg and Ludendorff?

Recalled to duty at the start of World War I, Hindenburg shared power with Erich Ludendorff as commander of the Eighth Army and then as chief of the General Staff. A national hero for his early victories, Hindenburg later drew the United States into battle with his use of submarine warfare.

Why did Ludendorff hand over power to the Reichstag in September 1918?

When it failed, he realised that the war could not be won by Germany, especially as the military might of America was starting to make a major impact. With Hindenburg, Ludendorff transferred power back to the Reichstag in September 1918, and called for a peace settlement.

Who was the ugliest god?


Hephaestus. Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. Sometimes it is said that Hera alone produced him and that he has no father. He is the only god to be physically ugly.

Is Wonder Woman related to Ares?

Ares first appears in the DC Extended Universe film Wonder Woman, the fourth installment of the DCEU, played by David Thewlis. As the God of War, he is depicted as the treacherous son of Zeus and the half-brother of Diana/Wonder Woman.

What god is in Wonder Woman?

Diana is the god of the hunt, the moon, and nature from Roman mythology; the counterpart to Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt from Greek mythology. Diana is mentioned in Wonder Woman’s very first appearance in All Star Comics #8.

Diana (goddess)

Affiliations Roman Gods
Abilities deity

Is Aquaman a god?

While Aquaman is strictly speaking a superhero rather than a sea god, his appearance and powers in the upcoming movie certainly draw on those of maritime divinities. Aquaman’s abilities to communicate with sea life, control the ocean and swim at superhuman speeds all resemble traits associated with Poseidon.

Is Zeus the father of Wonder Woman?

His appearances are most significant in stories of Wonder Woman (Princess Diana). With the 2011 relaunch of DC Comics dubbed The New 52, Zeus has received a prominent role in the Wonder Woman mythos, as he is now the biological father of Wonder Woman through Hippolyta.

Is Wonder Woman supposed to be Greek?

And while Diana is the name of the Roman Goddess of the Hunt — whose Greek equivalent is Artemis — Wonder Woman is not actually an interpretation of that character. Wonder Woman’s history is undeniably intertwined with the stories of Greek myth, but Wonder Woman herself is not based on a Greek Goddess.

Is Wonder Woman a god or demigod?

Formed from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and given life by the breath of Aphrodite, she is a demi-god. The gifts she receives from the gods of the Greek pantheon explain her superhero powers, which become evident when she transforms into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman made her debut in 1941 in All Star Comics.

What tribe is Wonder Woman from?

the Amazons

In her debut in All Star Comics #8, Diana was a member of a tribe of women called the Amazons, native to Paradise Island – a secluded island set in the middle of a vast ocean.

Did Batman and Wonder Woman have a child?

Elissa Wayne: 1999 – 2017

Elissa is the daughter of Batman and Wonder Woman.

Is Supergirl Wonder Woman’s daughter?

Supergirl is the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman from a future where Lex Luthor and Brainiac control the Earth. She has inherited both Kryptonian and Amazon powers from her parents.

Are Aquaman and Wonder Woman related?

Even though Wonder Woman and Aquaman are not a common pairing among fans or within the pages of DC’s comics, there are several reasons the relationship could make sense. To start, Arthur and Diana were both born of royal blood. Arthur is the son of Queen Atlanna of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

Who got Wonder Woman pregnant comics?

Strife even reveals Diana’s own true parentage to her, that Hippolyta conceived Diana when she slept with Zeus after a long battle, making Diana one of Zeus’ many illegitimate offspring, like Zola’s baby.

Did Wonder Woman and Superman have a child?

Superman and Wonder Woman’s son is named Hunter Prince and from the looks of him, he prefers his maternal line to his paternal lineage as he wears vambraces on his arms, the golden lasso on his hip, and even Wonder Woman’s tiara worn as a cuff around his arm.

How does Wonder Woman’s race reproduce?

To reproduce and keep the Amazon race alive, the Themyscirans raid ships on the high seas and copulate with men. At the end of the mating, they take their lives and throw their corpses into the sea rather than marry them. Triumphant, the Amazons return to Paradise Island, and wait.

Who betrayed the Amazons?


As Ares slowly became engulfed in his jealousy towards mankind, his corruption of humanity led to their betrayal of the Amazons. The Amazons were forced into enslavement by the very people they were created to protect.

Are there male Amazons?

In Greek mythology, the Gargareans, or Gargarenses, (Greek: Γαργαρείς Gargareis) were an all-male tribe. They copulated with the Amazons annually in order to keep both tribes reproductive.

Is Wonder Woman ageless?

Wonder Woman or Diana cannot age. There is no slow aging or magic involved in this process. She is simply ageless due to a curse shared by all Amazons. The Goddesses that gave them life after they secluded themselves from humanity, also cursed them to live forever as a warning.

Who enslaved the Amazons DC?

Hercules is depicted as a brutish ‘hero’ who represented masculine violence, and one of his 12 labors is deconstructed as a treacherous act to enslave the Amazons under Queen Hippolyte.

Why can’t Diana go back to Amazon?

Although Wonder Woman does not linger on Hippolyta’s reasons for telling Diana she couldn’t return to Themyscira, the most likely answer is a combination of lore from various comics. As Hippolyta showed in scenes with her sister Antiope, she’s eager to maintain Themyscira’s peace and isolation.

Who is stronger Hercules or Wonder Woman?

Hercules is the Olympian god of strength. And because of this his principal power is his incredibly vast superhuman strength. He is one of the strongest.