Sustainable Sovereignty

The following article was originally published in Orion Magazine, a national bimonthly focusing on nature/culture/place. It has also been available on the Mvskoke Country website, but this is the first time it has appeared in the Muscogee Nation News. Two annual growing seasons have come and gone since I profiled MFSI and the Wilson community … Continue reading Sustainable Sovereignty

Hvyuce, “Little Harvest”

In one story from Mvskoke oral tradition, it is said that an old woman was living in a certain place.  She lived alone until an orphan boy came to be with her.  He learned to hunt and provide meat, while she fed him tasty dishes made from a mysterious ingredient. One day he spied on … Continue reading Hvyuce, “Little Harvest”

Sovereignty Begins at Home

The Okmulgee sky was overcast during the second weekend of February, but the mood inside the Mound Building was considerably more upbeat.  People from near and far had gathered for the Food Sovereignty Symposium, which is quickly becoming one of the more important annual events in Mvskoke country. The program began on Friday morning with … Continue reading Sovereignty Begins at Home

What Is Mvskoke Food?

Several months ago, a reader asked if I had run across any traditional Mvskoke recipes. That's a slippery word, "traditional," pointing back in time toward the dim corners of memory, like a flickering flashlight aimed into a very deep cave. How far do you have to go?  How old is traditional?  These are tough questions … Continue reading What Is Mvskoke Food?

Fertile Plains of the Creek Nation

A recent article in the Sapulpa Daily Herald reprinted a description of the area originally published in 1906, just before Oklahoma statehood. With 3,500 residents, Sapulpa was billed as “the northern gateway to the fertile plains of the Creek Nation,” where the water was pure and the climate ideal.  Enterprising farmers could produce ample crops … Continue reading Fertile Plains of the Creek Nation