Sustainable Sovereignty

The following article was originally published in Orion Magazine, a national bimonthly focusing on nature/culture/place. It has also been available on the Mvskoke Country website, but this is the first time it has appeared in the Muscogee Nation News. Two annual growing seasons have come and gone since I profiled MFSI and the Wilson community … Continue reading Sustainable Sovereignty

Cokv-Walv Mvskoke Redux

The reliable return of summer solstice means the end of one year and the beginning of another in Mvskoke country. Like other indigenous Americans, Mvskoke people "survived by knowing their natural environment well and making direct use of its surpluses. It was a land of abundance, but that abundance was only available to those who … Continue reading Cokv-Walv Mvskoke Redux

Rvfo-Rakko, “Big Winter”

The ancient Mvskoke calendar is grounded in astronomical observations. Each new year, for example, begins with posketv, the ceremony known in English as Green Corn, traditionally held around summer solstice. And the sequence of twelve hvse approximates the number of lunar months occurring in an annual period. So cokv-walv Mvskoke is structured by the sun's … Continue reading Rvfo-Rakko, “Big Winter”

Hvyuce, “Little Harvest”

In one story from Mvskoke oral tradition, it is said that an old woman was living in a certain place.  She lived alone until an orphan boy came to be with her.  He learned to hunt and provide meat, while she fed him tasty dishes made from a mysterious ingredient. One day he spied on … Continue reading Hvyuce, “Little Harvest”

Cokv-Walv Mvskoke

If you subscribe to the Muscogee Nation News, then you've probably received one of the wall calendars produced by the Communications Department.  The current edition is titled Mvskoke Etvlwv 2010 Nettv Vhvnkatv, or "Muscogee Nation 2010 Day Counter." That's an interesting turn of phrase, "day-counter," and there are at least two other ways to express … Continue reading Cokv-Walv Mvskoke

Red Earth, Green Government

Mvskoke people have always appreciated the beauty of nature, and the value of color symbolism.  Catē (red) is an especially powerful color that can represent many things:  the east, the sun, the sacred fire; blood, sacrifice, warfare, and survival. For the dominant culture, preoccupied as it is with skin tone, red has been one of … Continue reading Red Earth, Green Government

Okfuskee Then and Now

Tribal towns have always been central to Mvskoke life. Before removal, people living in the Creek Nation distinguished between two types of community:  tvlofv, a smaller settlement of households and their fields; and tvlwv, a larger network of families affiliated with a particular square ground and its fire.  Each tvlwv encompassed various tvlofv, in much … Continue reading Okfuskee Then and Now