Riveted mail – flat or round rings? Die cut rings mixed with riveted ones?

What is riveted chainmail?

Riveted chainmail is made out of wire that is coiled into a spiral. You take the spiral and cut off rings with overlapping ends. Later you flatten these ends by hammer strikes to provide space for a hole. During manufacturing, the rings become harder as you deform the metal.

How do I make a Maille?

Quote from Youtube video:So let's wind up some Springs make something chain mail here feed your wire into the hole in the rod that you made put the drill on it.

How much does a full suit of chainmail weight?

The average weight was about 45 – 55 pounds. However, a well made suit of plate armour was more comfortable to the wearer because it could be more evenly distributed over their body.

Medieval Chain Mail, Armor and Weapons.

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Was chainmail expensive?

Chain mail is more expensive primarily because it is more labor intensive to make it, and that has always been the case. However, anyone who wanted to use any form of armor had to decide what form of protection they wanted and then decide whether or not the extra expense was justified.

Is riveted chainmail stronger?

Riveted chainmail tends to be stronger and more resistant to combat than butted rings. For contact reenactments, riveted chainmail is better suited than butted chainmail.

What were the weaknesses of chain mail?

However, chainmail also suffered from a notable weakness in that sword and spear tips, or arrow heads, could penetrate individual ringlets at a direct-on angle. As such, knights would commonly wear a cuirass over the chainmail shirt for extra protection.

How do you make chain mail jewelry?

Quote from Youtube video:Begin by closing three silver rings and putting them through one gold ring I'll give you a tip here the silver rings will need to all be closed. And the gold rings will be used to weave them together.

How was mail armor made?

Chain mail was a prominent piece of armor during the Middle Ages between the fifth and sixteenth centuries. European mail was generally manufactured through a process of drawing and coiling iron wire into links that were later flattened to create a mesh-like fabric.

How do you make a hauberk?

Quote from Youtube video:Hi there everybody today I will show you how to make European four-in-one chain maille weave its basic leaf that was used in Middle Ages for making chainmail armor.

Why is it called chain mail armor?

In the Middle Ages, the shirt known as a hauberk was made of chain mail, and it provided a relatively lightweight alternative to hard, heavy plate armor. Sometimes chain mail is just called mail, from the Old French maille, “mesh.”

Why is it called chain mail?

One theory is that it originally derives from the Latin word macula, meaning spot or opacity (as in macula of retina). Another theory relates the word to the old French maillier, meaning to hammer (related to the modern English word malleable). In modern French, maille refers to a loop or stitch.

Did Vikings wear chainmail?

During the Viking Age, chainmail would have been the ultimate armor for any Viking warrior. Very effective at stopping all manner of attacks. Historical mail was always riveted making each ring very strong. We stock both historically accurate riveted mail and also more economical butted mail.

How do you make chainmail out of jump rings?

Quote from Youtube video:Now if you are right-handed. If your dominant hand is your right hand. What I want you to do is move your dominant hand towards you okay and your non-dominant hand moves away from you.

How hard is it to make chain mail?

Making chainmail isn’t hard, but it does take some initial preparation. This include buying materials and tools, as well as learning some weaves.

How do you make cheap chainmail?

Quote from Youtube video:First you just cut off ring. Then take a complier to squeeze the overlapped sections to flatten. Them. Then you can push one side over the other so the edges are now pressed. Together.

Can chainmail stop a bullet?

although, Can chainmail stop bullets? Or, as they say, yes, chainmail will stop a bullet, as long as you don’t throw it too hard. Soft body armor, whether made from silk or paper, is actually more effective than metal armor.

Can chainmail stop a knife?

Chain mail is worn over a padded undergarment (a gambeson – Gambeson – Wikipedia ) and is primarily designed to thwart slashing attacks with a sword. It can stop a thrusting attack with little damage if the sword, knife, or spear blade is not wide enough (or strong enough) to penetrate the links.

How do you make Viking chainmail?

Quote from Youtube video:I place my shaft into a drill tighten it down insert my wire and start. Winding. Once it's done you cut off the link that goes through the hole. Slide it off of the rod.

What armor would Vikings wear?

Vikings who could afford to wear armor used helmets, metal armor made of chainmail, and a type of armor called lamellar, which consisted of iron plates sewn together. Lower-status Vikings also used layers of quilted cloth, such as linen or wool, to protect the body during battle.

How do you make half Persian Chainmaille?

Quote from Youtube video:Start off by putting four closed rings on an open ring. Hold two of the four rings on each side and keeping the pairs of rings. Together. Slide. The right two rings beneath. The left tube.

How do you make chain mail armor?

Quote from Youtube video:Start by making a loop of chain maille that's wide enough to fit around your chest at the widest point. Make sure that the straight columns are oriented vertically.

What size rings for chainmail armor?

More about what aspect ratio is and how chainmaillers use it in the other answers in this section. If you’re a beginner, we suggest starting off with rings that have an inner diameter of at least size H (3/16″, 4.8mm). Any smaller, and you may become frustrated, unless you’re used to working with tiny things!

What size rings for chainmail?

1. Chainmail basics

Wire thickness 0.8 1.6
Half-Persian 4 in 1 4.1 8.2
Small scales
Large scales 8.2
Helms Chain (pattern requires rings in two sizes) 6.6 with 9.9

Was chainmail heavy?

How much does chainmail weigh? A short-sleeved shirt of chainmail typically weighs around 7 kg. A long-sleeved shirt reaching to the mid-tights or further is called a hauberk. Hauberks like that can weigh 10 kg.

At what age did a person officially become a knight?

Training to become a knight started at the early age of around seven years old. Squires were typically knighted and proclaimed knights at around 21 years of age.

Will chainmail stop an arrow?

It depends on many factors like distance between archer and his target, angle of impact, draw of bow, etc. But even if an arrows penetrates the mail, it will not kill the soldier wearing it.

How heavy is full plate armor?

A complete suit of plate armour made from well-tempered steel would weigh around 15–25 kg (33–55 lb). The wearer remained highly agile and could jump, run and otherwise move freely as the weight of the armour was spread evenly throughout the body.

What is jousting armor called?

By 1400, knights wore full suits of plate armour, called a “harness” (Clephan 28-29). In this early period, a joust was still a (martial) “meeting”, i.e. a duel in general and not limited to the lance.

What was the best armor in history?

12 Marvelous Warrior Armor Ensembles from History You Should Know About

  • 1) Mycenaean Dendra Panoply (circa 15th century BC) –
  • 2) Persian Immortal Armor (6th – 5th century BC) –
  • 3) Roman Lorica Segmentata (late 1st century BC – 3rd century AD) –
  • 4) Sassanid Savaran Armor (4th – 7th century AD) –

Can a sword cut through plate armor?

The edges can still be used against more lightly-armored opponents: no matter how effective a sword is against forms of armor such as brigandine and mail, no sword, no matter how sharp, can cut directly through plate armor.

Is a halberd an AXE?

The halberd consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft. It always has a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants. It is very similar to certain forms of the voulge in design and usage. The halberd was usually 1.5 to 1.8 metres (5 to 6 feet) long.