Reclaiming the Mvskoke Plum

POME Magazine, Spring 2019 ⇒ Food is a necessity for human survival and a focal point of cultural tradition, as in Hokti’s Recipe Book of Creek Indian Foods. The endless variety of local sustenance can serve as the basis for charting the territories on Planet Earth, including our own remarkable continent. A noteworthy effort to reconceive … Continue reading Reclaiming the Mvskoke Plum

Welcome to Mvskoke Country

POME Magazine, Winter 2019 ⇒ Like many people in Mvskoke country (and many more in the American South), I grew up eating corn on the cob, white and yellow hominy, homemade cornbread, and the occasional boiled or fried hominy grits.  Vce, which the Europeans called “maize” or simply “Indian corn,” is the quintessential staple of … Continue reading Welcome to Mvskoke Country

Taklik-Tokse / Taklik-Kvmokse

taklik-tokse / taklik-kvmokse "bread-sour" sour cornbread Charles Gibson, 1918 It takes three days to prepare this bread according to the old way. A peck or even more of clean, shelled flint corn is prepared for making a quantity of this bread to have on hand for several meals. The shelled corn is placed in a … Continue reading Taklik-Tokse / Taklik-Kvmokse