Mvskoke Calendar

Cokv-Walv Mvskoke

Hvyuce, “Little Harvest” (~July)

Hvyo-Rakko, “Big Harvest” (~August)

Otvwoskuce, “Little Chestnut-Thrashing” (~September)

Otvwoskv-Rakko, “Big Chestnut-Thrashing” (~October)

Eholē, “Frost” (~November)

Rvfo-Rakko, “Big Winter” (~December)

Rvfo ‘Cuse, “Winter’s Younger Brother” (~January)

Hotvlē-Hvse, “Wind Month” (~February)

Tasahcuce, “Little Spring” (~March)

Tasahce-Rakko, “Big Spring” (~April)

Kē-Hvse, “Mulberry Month” (~May)

Kvco-Hvse, “Blackberry Month” (~June)

Cokv-Walv Mvskoke Redux

One thought on “Mvskoke Calendar

  1. MCN Language Preservation Program just released a 2018 Clan Calendar, last year it was Variations of Trees in the Mvskoke language, the number to obtain a copy, (possibly digitally) would be 918-732-7724! And mvto for all your efforts and work pertaining to the Great Muscogee (Creek) Nation!

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