How the average female body used to be before the industrial revolution?

What were women’s lives like before the Industrial Revolution?

Before the advent of industrialization, women were often tasked with traditional jobs such as making and repairing clothing. They were also commonly involved with helping manage the affairs of the farm and raising children. However, the traditional role for women began to change as the Industrial Revolution unfolded.

How did women’s life change during the Industrial Revolution?

Industrialization brought new opportunities for employment, changing ideas of work, and economic cycles of boom and bust. During this period, women’s roles changed dramatically. Industrialization redefined the role of women in the home, at the same time opening new opportunities for them as industrial wage earners.

How women’s perfect body types changed throughout history?

Women were meant to be tan, tall, thin, but slightly athletic. Hips got much smaller, though large breasts were still the rage. Women were influenced more by models than actors for fashion and body trends, while models continued to be wildly thinner than the average person.

How did gender roles change after the market revolution?

“The market revolution was successful in exposing women to the workforce, pushing them away from the early idea of “cult of domesticity” in colonial days that claimed a woman’s job was to watch the household and take care of the their children and husband.