Food Sovereignty Symposium

Okmulgee, Oklahoma, 2010

Porwvn, Hompetvn, Pom Vhesaketv Tos
Our Seeds, Our Food, Our Survival

Friday, February 12

Ben Yahola and Vicky Karhu, Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative
Chief Ellis, Second Chief Berryhill, Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Confronting Climate Change Concerns in the U.S.
Don Wuebbles, University of Illinois

Global Climate Change Impacts in the U.S.

Global Climate Change Impacts in the Great Plains Region

Sustainable Growing Practices Today – For a Continuing Future
Bruce Edwards, Urban Harvest

Community Food Security Coalition

Southeastern Foodstuff
Steven Bond, Chickasaw Nation

Mvskoke (Creek) Customs and Traditions

Native American Ethnobotany

Local Food and Economic Recovery
Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center

Local Harvest

Honor the Earth

Farm to School and Demand for Local Farms in Oklahoma
Chris Kirby, Oklahoma Farm to School

Tips, Tools and Guidelines for Food Distribution and Food Safety

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Mvskoke Community Gardens
Barton Williams, Wilson Creek Indian Community
Bud McCombs, Eufaula Creek Indian Community

MFSI Community Food Project

Dream of Wild Health Farm
Sally Auger and Diane Wilson, Dream of Wild Health

Native Seeds / SEARCH

Seed Savers Exchange

Saturday, February 13

Three Springs Farm
Emily Oakley and Michael Appel, Three Springs Farm

Organic Agriculture

Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Association
Frank Butler and Mike Oakley, Ranchers

Buy Fresh Buy Local – Oklahoma

Indigenous Science
Guillermo Vasquez, Indigenous Permaculture Program

Grass-fed Buffalo and Cattle
Rupert Nowlin, Arapaho rancher

Eat Wild

American Grassfed Association

Traditional Meal
Chumona Deere, Mvskoke traditional cook

Cooking Mvskoke Foods
Melissa Harjo-Moffer, Mvskoke farmer and traditional cook

Traditional Farming and Permaculture
Clayton Brascoupe, Traditional Native American Farmers Association

Tesuque Pueblo

Seed Preservation Project of the Pawnee
Deb Echo-Hawk, Keeper of the Seeds

Pawnee Nation

Information Resources
Alan Ware, Oklahoma Agricultural Mediation Program
Teresa Maurer, National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Oklahoma AgrAbility

ATTRA Publications

Mvskoke youth

Communicating Environment in Mvskoke Country
James Treat, Mvskoke writer

Pascual Yaxon, Indigenous Permaculture Program

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