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Mvskoke Country began in 2009 as a monthly column on environmental issues published in the Muscogee Nation News, reprinted elsewhere, and archived here. In 2010-11, I wrote a yearlong series on the traditional Mvskoke calendar and its relationship to the natural world.

In 2011, I added a web-only feature: field notes, a weekly feed of vital insights from Mvskoke ecological knowledge. The monthly column and weekly feed went on hiatus later that year while I worked on other projects.

In 2016-17, I posted monthly found poems on human ecology drawn from interviews with mostly elderly people in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation recorded in the 1930s. Revised versions of some of these pieces, along with many newfound poems from the archive, will appear in a book titled A Sort of Strange Land: Poems Found in Indian Territory.

In 2018, I am posting vintage recipes for traditional Mvskoke dishes from hard-to-find cookbooks and other obscure sources.

I try to keep the links in the sidebar up-to-date, though external links found elsewhere on this website may be obsolete.

You can learn more about Mvskoke Country here.

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James Treat