Taklik-Tokse / Taklik-Kvmokse

taklik-tokse / taklik-kvmokse "bread-sour" sour cornbread Charles Gibson, 1918 It takes three days to prepare this bread according to the old way. A peck or even more of clean, shelled flint corn is prepared for making a quantity of this bread to have on hand for several meals. The shelled corn is placed in a … Continue reading Taklik-Tokse / Taklik-Kvmokse

Vhv-Cvmpv Taklike

vhv-cvmpv taklike "potato-sweet bread" sweet potato bread Lilah D. Lindsey, 1902 After paring, grate three raw potatoes. To one quart of grated potatoes, add one-and-a-half tablespoons flour, teaspoon of sugar, pinch of black pepper, mix and make into small cakes. Bake as biscuits, but more slowly. The Indian Cook Book, 1933 This bread is made … Continue reading Vhv-Cvmpv Taklike