field notes ➤ Alexander Posey, 1905

❝ Journal of the Creek Enrollment Field Party Oct. 27 Investigate a land contest case near Morse — Visit Cindy, the thriftiest Indian woman known hereabouts — She is about 50 and was never married and is as chaste as a Vestal virgin — Many a doughty warrior has sought her hand in vain — … Continue reading field notes ➤ Alexander Posey, 1905

field notes ➤ Phillip Deere, 1982

❝ I am constantly thinking of my travels, such as Switzerland. It is a beautiful country, the mother country of many people here like Germany and those countries over there. But best of all, I like Switzerland, because I never saw Pampers laying on the roadside, I never saw a beer can laying there, and the … Continue reading field notes ➤ Phillip Deere, 1982

field notes ➤ Benjamin Hawkins, circa 1800

❝ A description of the towns on Coosau and Tal-la-poo-sa, generally called Upper Creeks. 5. Foosce-hat-che; from foo-so-wau, a bird, and hat-che, tail. It is two miles below Ho-ith-le-wau-le, on the right bank of Tal-la-poo-sa, on a narrow strip of flat land; the broken lands are just back of the town; the cornfields are on the … Continue reading field notes ➤ Benjamin Hawkins, circa 1800

field notes ➤ Louis Oliver, 1982

❝ Creek Indian Thought No. 9 (October 8, 1982) Flying in arrowhead shape, wild geese flew low silently in October. Coyote sat and watched on the lone prairie, hoping they would land to rest on a moonlit pond. I stood in the presence of tall trees whose leaves were falling gently, —and a squirrel was dropping … Continue reading field notes ➤ Louis Oliver, 1982

field notes ➤ Philip Georg Friedrich von Reck, 1736

❝ On the 28th [of July] I went back to Yuchi Town to attend the busk, or annual Indian festivity. . . . They celebrate a feast every year when the corn is ripe, at the end of July or the beginning of August, which is called Busk. Even if the nation has not assembled throughout … Continue reading field notes ➤ Philip Georg Friedrich von Reck, 1736

field notes ➤ David Lewis Jr., 2002

❝ The Unseen Powers of Traditional Medicine All medicines came from organic sources. Modern medicine now uses synthetic drugs to imitate some of these organic medicines. The so-called primitive human societies had medicines for their people. Associated with the herbal medicines was what is called conjuring. This is what the modern culture calls it, and it … Continue reading field notes ➤ David Lewis Jr., 2002