Dear Reader

chaneyI am taking a break from posting vintage recipes for traditional Mvskoke dishes while I work on other projects.  But I still have more than a dozen delicious foods and drinks lined up for when I return to this monthly series, so stay tuned.

Coincidentally, I just learned of the recent passing of Ben Chaney, the Mvskoke artist and publisher responsible for Hokti’s Recipe Book of Creek Indian Foods.  When I tracked him down in 2011, he was managing the Department of Transportation of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, and he generously allowed me to post Beulah Simms’s invaluable writings on this website.  Earlier this year, at the venerable age of 76, Ben returned to work for the Nation as Secretary of Interior Affairs, overseeing thirteen departments serving MCN citizens and area residents.  You can read more about his engaging personality and his many accomplishments in this obituary.

As I have mentioned before, Hokti’s Recipe Book is the most popular content ever published on Mvskoke Country, having been accessed over ten times as often as the second most popular page, a column titled What Is Mvskoke Food?  Who would have guessed that Mvskoke people and their friends like to eat?!  Mvto, Ben Chaney.

One thought on “Dear Reader

  1. I have been receiving your posts for several years and have greatly enjoyed them. I will miss them. I am married to James Louis McGilbra who grew up in Muskogee Co and is abt 1/4 Creek.

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