field notes ➤ W. O. Tuggle, 1879

❝ The Indian dogs.

Dogs have sense. They learn languages.

Doughty had a little dog named Jack. “When I first came out here” said Doughty “I would say ‘Jack get out’ & away Jack would run—

“I boarded with an Indian family & they would make a noise with their lips like the noise we make when we call pigs ‘tschick, tschick’ & say ‘Osus chay‘ [Ossvs cē, “Get out!”] & all their dogs would run out of the door. Jack would look up & wag his tail. The little boys would say ‘Osus-chay‘ & Jack wouldn’t run. ‘Whack’ they hit Jack & away he scooted.

“Pretty soon when they cried out ‘Osus-chay‘, Jack was the first dog to get out & strange to say he forgot his mother tongue for when I would say ‘Get out’ Jack would lie there in the corner, but let that Creek warwhoop sound ‘Osus-chay‘ & Jack would travel for his health”. ❞

Shem, Ham & Japheth: The Papers of W. O. Tuggle, Comprising His
Indian Diary, Sketches & Observations, Myths & Washington Journal
in the Territory & at the Capital, 1879-1882

edited by Eugene Current-Garcia and Dorothy B. Hatfield
(University of Georgia Press, 1973)

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