field notes ➤ A. P. McKellop, 1893


Stallions at Large.
Section 146. No stallion over two years old shall run at large, and all such may be castrated. . . .

Legal Fence.
Section 148. No person shall receive damages for injuries done their crops by stock unless they have a fence seven rails high, staked and double-ridered; and if they have a fence as herein required, they shall be entitled to damages done their crops from the owner of the stock, the damages to be assessed by two disinterested persons. . . .

Setting Dogs on Stock.
Section 150. Any person who shall set dogs on the stock of another, or in any other manner willfully abuse another’s property, or the public property of this Nation, shall pay damages in full as assessed by the proper tribunal.

Killing Dogs.
Section 151. Any person who shall wilfully and without provocation kill the dog of another, shall be fined in a sum not less than five ($5.00) dollars nor more than one hundred ($100.00) dollars, at the discretion of the Court, the fine to be collected by the Light Horsemen, who shall retain 20 per cent. thereof as their fee, and pay the balance to the owner of the dog.

Destroying Pecan Trees.
Section 152. Any person who shall cut down or destroy any pecan tree, for the purpose of obtaining the fruit thereof, shall be fined in the sum of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars for each tree so cut down or destroyed; the informer to receive ten ($10.00) dollars, and fifteen ($15.00) dollars to be paid into the National Treasury.

Setting Woods or Prairies on Fire.
Section 153. Any person who shall set the woods or prairies on fire, between the first day of September and the first day of April shall, upon conviction, be fined in the sum of twenty ($20.00) dollars, one-half of which shall be paid to the informer, and the other half into the National Treasury.

Selling Timber.
Section 154. No person or persons shall be allowed to cut or sell walnut or other timber for the purpose of removing the same beyond the limits of this Nation.
Section 155. Any one violating this law shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor, and, upon conviction before the District Court, shall be fined in a sum not less than one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars nor more than five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars, at the discretion of the Court. . . .

Damaging Stock.
Section 172. Any person who shall willfully kill, disfigure or wound any horse, cow, hog, or other beast or live stock belonging to any citizen of this Nation, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in a sum double that of the damage sustained, for the benefit of the owner of such injured stock; and upon failure to pay the damage he shall suffer the penalty of twenty-five lashes on the bare back. . . .

Care of Capitol and Grounds.
Section 291. No person shall be allowed to enclose land for pasture or fields within one-half mile from the National Capitol building; any person found guilty of violating this provision shall be punished by a fine of one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars. All such fines shall be collected by the Captain of the Light Horse of Okmulgee District, and turned over to the National Treasurer. . . . ❞

Constitution and Laws of the Muskogee Nation
compiled and codified by A. P. McKellop
(Okmulgee, 1893)

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