field notes ➤ Fus Fixico, 1903

❝ Well, so Hotgun he say he was for double statehood, ’cause they was too much long-tailed cyclones out in Oklahoma and people was had to live right close to a hole in the ground like prairie dogs to keep out a they way. Hotgun he say he was not used to that kind a living and was get too old to learn to act like a prairie dog. Then he say sometime the people what had a hole in the ground was not out a danger, ’cause the rivers out in Oklahoma had no banks to um and was spread out all over the country when they get up, like maple syrup on a hot flapjack. He say he was druther be where he was had a show for his life.

Then Tookpafka Micco he say Hotgun aint told half of it, ’cause out in Oklahoma they was had a drought in the summer time and hard times in the fall, ‘sides blizzards in the winter time and cyclones with long tails in the spring. Tookpafka Micco was mighty bitter and he say he was druther had a sofky patch in Injin Territory than a big county full a debt and chinch bugs in Oklahoma. He say he’s glad he wasn’t a delegate to the powwow what Chief Make Certain was pulled off in Eufaula ’cause he might got arrested for slander against Oklahoma.

Then Hotgun he say they was no one want to be spliced onto Oklahoma but some thumb papers that was printed out in the country and didn’t had no circulation except when they was being printed. He say he was for single statehood long time, ’cause he didn’t see no other straw to grab at. But now, Hotgun he say, Secretary It’s Cocked and Chief Make Certain was made a good raft to ride on and prospects was bright like a new tin pan for double statehood. ❞

The Fus Fixico Letters
by Alexander Posey
edited by Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr.
and Carol A. Petty Hunter
(University of Nebraska Press, 1993)

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